Maths Resources

On this page, I will upload mathematical notes and other resources that I have created. Under the “high school” section, I have also indicated the year level for which a particular item was designed.

The terms Extension 1 and Extension 2 refer to the Year 12 mathematics courses of the same name which may be taken by students sitting in the Higher School Certificate in the state of New South Wales. Visit the website of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to see the syllabus requirements.

For university students

Notes on the theory of operator semigroups (ongoing project, file will be updated periodically)

Introductory notes on stochastic differential equations (coming soon)

For high school students and teachers

Notes on the derivatives of trigonometric functions (Year 12, Extension 1 & 2)

Notes on the calculus of inverse trigonometric functions (Year 12, Extension 1 &  2)

Notes on the dot product (Year 12, Extension 1 &  2)