Digital Sheet Music

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I believe digital sheet music is the right way to go for the future. It is fantastic that one of the most highly-respected publishers of classical music is leading the way by developing what promises to be a revolutionary app for the iPad. Bärenreiter already has a digital score library and app, but it does not have the range of customisations that will be offered by Henle. I look forward to the upcoming release of Henle Library on 3 February 2016.

Watermark Composition Prize

I am delighted to accept the inaugural Watermark Composition Award for my composition Rhapsody No. 2 for solo violin. The piece is written specifically for the Kendall National Violin Competition, and will be the compulsory “test” piece in the finals, to be held in Kendall (NSW) in September. I look forward to hearing my piece interpreted by some of Australia’s best young violinists!

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