Maths & Science

A collection of some of my favourite web resources for maths and science.


3Blue1Brown — Grant Sanderson makes great maths videos with cool animations. He has the wonderful ability to explain complex ideas in an intuitive way, and the manner of presentation is itself often very innovative.

Numberphile — interesting and/or quirky mathematical concepts presented in an engaging and accessible manner by well-established mathematicians.

Plus Magazine — a very readable yet informative magazine for anyone interested in maths. There are articles, news of latest research, interviews, puzzles, and more!

Chalkdust Magazine — “a magazine for the mathematically curious” is their tagline. It is perhaps more friendly to the general public than Plus Mag, but that doesn’t mean it’s light on mathematical content.

Math with Bad Drawings — kind of self-explanatory. Ben Orlin is a mathematics teacher and communicator, and draws stick-figure comics as well!

General Science

Quanta Magazine — articles on physics, mathematics, biology and computer science. Some are reports on current developments, others are expository articles.

Minute Physics — physics concepts explained in short videos with fun illustrations, often featuring cats. What’s not to like? Also, you should definitely check out their companion site, Minute Earth, which has videos on topics in biology, geology, geophysics, ecology, and other earth sciences.

Sixty Symbols — physics videos from the University of Nottingham. For those who are particularly interested in astrophysics, also check out Deep Sky Videos, from the same team.

VSauce — one of the most popular educational YouTube channels. The topics presented and questions raised often involve a fascinating combination of scientific and philosophical inquiry.

Tom Scott — his Twitter profile says “I make things”. You’ll find short videos on a bewildering range of topics, touching on history, geography, politics, language and linguistics, computer programming, physics, popular culture and society, and more!